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Remembering a special life?

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How do you express the true meaning of such a special life? Your loved one was a unique and special person. The way you plan to remember him or her should be just as a way that truly celebrates that person’s life, loves and special moments. Your funeral arranger will listen and assist you in planning a loving tribute that honors and captures the spirit of such a unique life. 

Celebrate a life

The choices you make to celebrate the life of your loved one may be as simple or as elaborate as you wish—the possibilities are as varied as the person they reflect. Take a few moments to think about the person who was so close to you and how he or she might want to be remembered. 

What was your loved one’s favorite song, movie, book, place or activity? And what about cherished moments or the people he or she loved the most? What made your loved one unique? 

Think of the things that were inspiring, the things that were cared about. Think of when he or she was happiest. Sharing these memories will bring meaning to the service and honor the life of that special person. Here are just a few of the many ways to help make the service or event more meaningful: 


  • Service or gathering at a park, garden, beach, museum, church, chapel, boat, golf course or other special location.
  • Choice of speaker(s)—storytelling or eulogies
  • Favorite flowers or plants
  • Selection of favorite music
  • Participation by members of clubs or organizations
  • Display of photos
  • Display of personal items or a collection
  • Special reading of scripture or poem
  • Photo or video tributes
  • Dove/balloon release
  • Military honors
  • Custom-printed materials—memorial folders, prayer cards, service programs and more.
  • Custom-embroidered casket interiors
  • Custom-engraved cremation urns


  • Donations to a special cause or organization
  • Memorial bench
  • Burial in a specific garden or veterans area
  • Memorial plaque or brick at a special place
  • Scholarship or special fund
  • Annual event or gathering
  • Enduring Memories® Online Tribute website


  • Flower seed packets or potted plants
  • Engraved golf balls
  • Lapel pins
  • Items from a personal collection
  • Copies of a favorite recipe
  • Personalized memorial quilt or throw
  • Memorial jewelry
  • Religious mementos
  • Cremation keepsakes—blown art glass, gemstones and other unique options

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