You Have Options with Cremation

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You Have Options with Cremation

While many people are electing to have cremation these days, there are still a number of misconceptions. When you know about some of the options you have with cremation, you will be better able to decide if this is the right method for you.

One reason people hesitate in choosing cremation is that they believe they will not have the chance to view their loved one, or to have any type of service. As viewings and services are important to family members and friends, choosing cremation will not prevent you from having them. A special viewing casket can be provided if you wish to have a viewing. It is also appropriate if you would like to have a funeral service prior to the cremation. However, if you would prefer to have a memorial service afterward, this can be done, also.

Another reason people hesitate in deciding cremation is the best option is that they believe they would never have the chance to visit with their loved one again. While scattering ashes is a common option, there are other cremation options which may be more suitable for you. Cemeteries, mausoleums, and other resting places are also available. These cremation options would give you the opportunity to visit your loved one in the same manner as if you had chosen a regular burial.

Whether you have religious or personal objections to embalming, this can be one factor in choosing cremation. In most instances, embalming is not required prior to cremation. This point alone can give peace of mind to a family who is uncomfortable with this process.

On the other hand, people often choose cremation because they feel pressured into doing so. Sometimes it is not the best decision for the family. If you are feeling pressured because you are being led to believe cremation is better for the environment or that there is a lack of cemetery space, it is better for you to rethink your position. These points are generally not true, and should not influence your decision.

Making the decision to have cremation instead of burial is intensely personal. Both the wishes of the family and the wishes of the deceased, if known, should be taken into consideration. You should feel completely comfortable with the choice that is right for you.