The Benefits of Preplanning

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The Benefits of Preplanning
Victoria Rose Perkins

Having to make unexpected funeral arrangements for family member, such as a parent or grandparent, can add further emotional strain during an already overwhelming situation. Family members may differ on how these arrangements should be made and this can cause division and needless upset, just when they need each other the most.

This can be prevented. It is a loving act of kindness as well as an emotional relief to all surviving family members if arrangements are taken care of ahead of time. This helps prevent an added burden, among those who may not agree with each other on how the funeral arrangements should be handled. Sadly, some loved ones end up having hard feelings with each other, during this emotionally taxing time.

Making funeral arrangements ahead of time takes the doubt and confusion away from all those who will be tasked to make difficult decisions on your behalf. And in many ways, it is the last gift you can give to your loved ones. That gift is peace of mind. They will know exactly what you wanted and will feel relieved that they won’t have to guess what you would have wanted.

Another advantage of preplanning your funeral in advance is that you also have the option to pay the costs ahead of time. You can lock in today's prices ahead of inflation while making rational choices that fit within your budget. If you end up not needing these services for many years to come, you have the added assurance your loved ones will not be weighed down with unexpected financial obligations at higher future prices.

When you preplan your funeral service ahead of time, you can take your time researching all of the options and asking the necessary questions from the funeral home. You can make your own decisions, such as whether or not you want a traditional funeral or a cremation service. And once you have decided what you want, you can carefully document these wishes so your family will know exactly what you wanted.

Preplanning and prepaying, getting every question answered, and knowing ahead of time you are giving your loved ones a final loving gift is easy to do. Engaging the expertise of your local funeral home to help you understand your options and document your wishes can even be a gift to yourself, the peace of mind knowing you have left behind no added concerns for those you love.